Umbrella Joan's "My Little World"

Umbrella Joan's
"My Little World" 
4005 Nassau Place, Everett, Washington  98201

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The history of Umbrella Joan's 'My Little World' 

Sewing has been my passion since my grandmother handed me my first needle and thread. I find it enjoyable and challenging to see how many beautiful things can be made from a simple piece of fabric.

My first umbrella pattern came through chance encounters with beautiful umbrellas that I deemed too pricey. After many months, and encouragement from a friend, I designed my own pattern that still works very well. Since then, I have continued to design patterns for different kinds of umbrella frames and fabrics.

25 years later, we are a thriving business with our umbrella patterns and umbrella frame kits sold in every state in America.

~~Umbrella Joan Buse~~